Discreet Filming
for new creators

With the rise of indie creators, we find a rising need for filming discreetly.

Ultra Wide
Film everything

We make it hard for you to miss the juicy stuff
12MP camera | ƒ/2.2 aperture | 4K 24fps

One Button
Get turned on

High IQ but Low EQ? Don't worry.
This camera is idiot-proof

Film anywhere

Shorter than an iPhone X, no one will notice you holding this camera

IP68 Certified

With the rise of showering videos, we find a rising need for filming discreetly.

Get 20% Off
Back to university

Supporting our indie creators
Free pass included*

*Limited to 4.50 GPA & above

S$690 S$420

40% off. Nice

World's Best Manufacturing

Our materials are sourced from all around the world.
50% from China
40% has no idea
9.9% studious
0.1% almost expelled

Right Angles

Our camera is angled so that you can rest on an edge
Or take upside down videos

First Timer?

Don't worry, nothing's gonna happen. No seriously, nothing will happen. Literally.

Discreet Lens

Shoot like no one's watching.

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